Pistol Parabellum
RELEASED: 21. February 2020
LABEL: Real People Music & Oneness Records
Pistol Parabellum


Si vis pacem, para bellum.

“If you want peace, be prepared for war.” an ancient Latin saying that Ras Muhamad took
as a part of his song title “Pistol Parabellum“.

The song is a second single to introduce more of his conceptual album “Satryo” , the long-
awaited & 3 years in-the-making by Oneness Records.

“Pistol Parabellum” is a narrative of Ras Muhamad’s private person seeing fame,
international journey, success, achievements, self-value & also skepticism against him
being from SouthEast Asia. Backed by a spaghetti-western & Ska-esque rhythm, Ras
conveys of his journey as if he was a travelling cowboy. His strengths, vulnerability,
gratitude and battles (internal and external) all packaged in 1 story-telling music adventure
entitled ” Pistol Parabellum “

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